About Us

Individually, we have all suffered at the hands of the Bank and are familiar with their strong-arm tactics. By joining together and pooling resources, we can challenge the actions of RBS-GRG on a group basis. This means that we can employ the best banking experts, solicitors, barristers and other professionals to pursue our claims and we will have the resources to continue to do so until we reach a judgement by the court.

Link to the 6th April 2018 Open Letter to the Treasury Select Committee

Our objective is to bring a case based on a "Unlawful means conspiracy" by RBS-GRG against its customers. It is also our intention to bring an action against individual Directors personally who instigated and directed the conspiracy. We have now selected what we believe is the best legal team in prosecuting the case on behalf of our members, it is as follows:

Solicitors : Howe + Co

Leading Counsel : Ali Malek QC

Barristers : Andrew Hunter QC and Andrew Scott